Forest Bathing and Plant Communication

Living here in the South there are an abundance of trees and nature. I always would play outside and go on an adventure everyday in the woods by my house or in my yard mainly around trees. Sometimes I would pretend that the trees were some kind of space antennae that receive cosmic information(I was kind of right about that). In my journey I have learned that trees and plants have a consciousness just like we do and they react and communicate with us.

Health Benefits of Forest Bathing

Connecting with nature has benefited me in many ways on my journey.When I first began meditating and learning about how to focus my intention I would always meditate near trees and use my imagination and focus on healing. A few months ago I came across something called Shinrin – Yoku or “Forest Bathing”. Forest Bathing is basically relaxing or taking a walk in a wooded area. Forest Bathing has a very positive impact on health it lowers blood pressure, helps with stress and anxiety, and helps us to get on the natural frequency of the earth. My experience with forest bathing and meditating in natural environments has been amazing. I find it easier to do mindfulness meditation in nature it has helped me with my intuition, personal growth and development, and creativity. I have also experimented with energy work such as Yoga and Qi Gong while forest bathing as well.

My Qi Gong Tree

Feeling the flow and exchange of energy that nature has to offer is an amazing thing. I have certain trees I work with for certain things a tree for meditation, one for qi gong, etc. Forests and natural environments have an abundance of negative ions which are very beneficial for us. Receiving these ions are very important because we already spend hours of the day indoors blasted by radiation and positive ions which are harmful. Exercise and energy work in nature around negative ions for me has helped me out so much in expanding my consciousness and healing my multidimensional self.

Trees in different Cultures and Spiritual Systems

I study many different spiritual systems and see that the concept of the tree being a holy sacred thing is very common. In the Norse mythology they have something called Yggdrasil or the Ash Tree which is a very holy and sacred tree in the center of the universe connecting all the universe together.


Also in Jewish Mysticism I came across something called The

Tree of Life Kabbalah
Tree of Life

Tree of Life which is something like the diagram of the universe and the human body and also deals with a host of other things for personal growth and transmutation.

The Shamans all over the world see trees as sacred also. Some see them as portals to another dimension.


Trees as a Cosmic Antennae and Very Wise and Old Beings

I see trees as wise old and benevolent beings. I see them as these cosmic antennae that receive information from the cosmos that we can also receive. Trees are always in a state of praise and gratitude tot he universe they know they will receive all the elements they need to survive and thats how we should be. Rooted and grounded into the mother earth as our branches spiral upward into the infinite cosmos.

See You In Space,




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