Hebrew Language of Creation: Hebrew Letter Daleth | Doorway To The Womb of Creation | Empress Card



Dallet is the word for door, gate and indicates resistance and the state of selflessness and humility needed to pass through it. It indicates how to pass through the gates to know one’s own mystery of being and return to the power of the Aleph – the One source of all creation and being. The Dallet is in the shape of a bent over man, signifying the humility Image result for hebrew letter dalethand receptiveness. It represents Bitul, the self-nullification, or nullification of the ego, necessary to realize ones inherent connection to the Creator. Also, it is the structure, form and diligence required to receive.

Dallet is also, the poor man, who receives from the benevolence of the Creator, represented by Gimel. It is the realization that as humans, we having nothing of our own, but are entirely dependent on the creator and that every breath and movement is given to us from Him.

The Empress Card

The Empress card is the card of the divine feminine. She sits on a throne by a river in nature. This symbolizes mother earth and a connection to nature. She has a crown on her head with twelve star which symbolizes the zodiac and the 12 cranial nerves in the The Empress Major Arcana Tarot card.brain. The symbol of Venus sits on her right-hand side which represents the feminine aspects of the universe. The empress card also represents the right side of the brain which controls the imaginative sides of the mind, she also represents the subconscious mind which is impregnated by the conscious mind.

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