Hebrew Language of Creation: The Chariot Card Cheth & The Gateways of Creation

The Hebrew Letter Cheth

The hebrew letter Cheth is the letter of infinite possibilities. It is the letter of the number 8 and is a hieroglyph of a fence and in its ancient Canaanite Phoenician form it is a hieroglyph of a ladder. Which represents going above & beyond limitations. It is the essence of the human being to break through the physical nature into spiritual realization. It is the fence that separates physical reality from the spiritual reality & the ladder one must climb to see beyond the physical reality.

Cheth is like a revolving gateway, a power to enter a higher level, to enter the mysteries of one’s soul and then return to worldly consciousness. Cheth is one of the 12 simple letters and is also related to the Neshama or The Soul. The Book Qabbalistic Magick says that the Neshamah is a part of our soul that is so high that it is concealed and unattainable for the ordinary man, and even the seeker on the spiritual path finds it the most difficult to access. This is so because it is not a part of our incarnate personality, but is instead part of our immortal soul that dwells in the higher regions. It nevertheless influences our life once we purify our personality to such a degree that we are ready to receive its influence.

The Chariot Card

The Book Kabbalistic Tarot states that in “The Chariot card, a strong man in military garb is riding a chariot drawn by two Sphinx like lions. This card represents male, external strength whose purpose is to quell the enemy

. To harness the power of the wild beast that lies within us all produces a formidable challenge to those who would oppose us.” In the center of the the two sphinx is a sun disk symbol representing Christ consciousness. The two sphinx represent the two pillars on the tree of life and the temple of solomon, Jacin & Boaz. The Zodiac sign for the Chariot card and the hebrew letter Cheth is Cancer which is in the Kabbalistic intelligence of influence.

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