Hebrew Language of Creation: Hebrew Letter Tet & The Strength Card | The Good Serpent of Wisdom | The Ouroboros

The Hebrew Letter Tet

The Hebrew letter Tet ט is a hieroglyph of a serpent & is the 9th letter in Hebrew. It represents wisdom which is the feminine essence of the universe. The word good or tob(טוב) in Hebrew is a sacred code for the kundalini serpent & the infinity symbol. The word tob(טוב) has a numerical value of 17 which breaks down to the number 8 in numerology.

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The number 8 is the infinity symbol. The Tetragrammaton breaks down numerically to the number 8 as well. The symbol of the serpent is a symbol of wisdom and transmutation. Moses had the “good” serpent or kundalini & the Pharaoh had the “bad” serpent or the human reptilian nature. Moses was instructed to construct a serpent on a pole which resembles the staff of Hermes. The staff of hermes is represented by the spine. In the Hindu culture this is represented by the kundalini serpent which is also represented by the shakti power or feminine energy.

The Strength Card

The Strength Card is the 8th card in the tarot it depicts a woman in a field holding a lions mouth shut. It represents the inner feminine strength and not exertion to tame the ego or animal self.

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She also has an infinity symbol above her head which represents the infinite wisdom of the divine feminine. This inner strength is within us all. Strength is not only lies within the physical but the spiritual as well. Inner strength, also called atmabala, it is the strength of the soul.

The soul or Neshama in hebrew is the true inner self that gives strength to all other parts of the soul. This Strength is the strengths of all strengths. Kundalini, Shakti, Isis, Athena, Ishtar, etc the feminine force is the only force in the universe that can tame the beast. Lord Shiva was tamed by Parvati, Osiris was brought back by Isis, King Solomon was outsmarted by Negast Makeda aka The Queen of Sheba. The infinite strength of the feminine force is the true power of the universe.

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