Hebrew Language of Creation: The Hermit Card Hebrew Letter Yod and The Monad of Creation

The Hebrew Letter Yod

The Hebrew Letter Yod is the 10th letter in the Hebrew Aleph Beit. It is a hieroglyph of a hand and represents the hands of creation.

Yod has a connection to the 10th Sefira on the kabbalah tree of life malkuth and its connection to the world of Assiah the lowest world & Atziluth the highest. The first letter in the tetragrammaton is Yod & is connected to the 4 worlds of creation Yod being The world of Atziluth, as above so below the 10 & the 1 are one, Keter & Malkuth are one.

Yod signifies the flame/divine spark of creation & the light of Ein Soph Aur, the limitless light. In the modern block style hieroglyphs of the Hebrew language the letter Yod is within all the other letters. The Yod is esoterically shown within all the letters of creation.

The Hermit Meaning - Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings – Labyrinthos

The Hermit Card

The Hermit card represents the journey within oneself guided by the divine spark of Yod or the hand of creation. The ancient sages and magicians are represented as the hermit card in various mythological stories, such as Merlin who is shown in high regards in the king arthur mythology who represents the Fool Card meeting the Hermit card on the hero’s journey. Only within the self will you find the true light of oneself the true light of creation.

In the book Kabbalistic Tarot it states that the Hermit card symbolizes the left side of the brain. The hermit is the messenger who contracts the light of inspiration from the right side of the brain and fits it into a lantern with which he journeys forth into the unknown. The hermit holds the lantern that guides the hero through darkness instead of the torch that burns & blinds. This light is the divine spark within the yod, the divine hand and spark of creation.

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