Cymatics: Power of The Sacred Sound | Ancient Sound Healing Tools | Solfeggio Frequencies



I have recently talked about sacred geometry and I failed to mention how sound plays a huge part in it as well. Just as the Law of Vibration states one of the universal laws of Tehuti  “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” As we all know sound vibrates and stimulates us on a multidimensional level; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. So if everything is vibration technically everything is sound

The Science of Mantras and Ancient Languages

Mantras are used in the Vedic tradition of east India in spiritual practice such as yoga and meditation. Mantras are a phrase or a word that is said to invoke certain energy in the mind and in an environment. These can be used along with Yantras which I mentioned in the post I Am We are…Sacred Geometry  

Yantras are sacred geometrical shapes and so are sound vibrations. There is actually a Tonoscope of the sound OM (AUM) and it looks exactly like the Sri Yantra. When we say these mantras not just in ancient languages such as Sanskrit or Hebrew but also in English we create certain sound wave/vibration / sacred geometry.

Paleo Hebrew within The Flower of Life.

Letters in certain languages such as paleo Hebrew and the Viking runes can be found within the flower of life. The ancients got their knowledge and language straight from nature and when we speak and write these words and letters, we give off a certain sound resonance that is directly connected to creation.

The Sound of The Cosmos

The planets in our solar system are giving off a sound resonance so low we can’t hear them however we feel them on a subconscious level, this is one of many ways how astrology works. Our planet Gaia has many different frequencies it emits. The Schumann resonance is the frequency of the earth ELF (Extremely Low Frequency). The fundamental frequency of the Schuman resonance is 7.83 Hz. Other planets and even star systems have their own frequencies that emit sound and light.

L1ght / Conscious.Sound.Creation.

I go under the music production name L1ght and run a sound healing / binaural beat company called Conscious.Sound.Creation. I have been working with and experimenting with sound for 6 years. I create sound healing sessions such as binaural beats, Isochronic tones, and Solfeggio Frequency healing. Come take a journey through the power of sound and vibration. An alchemical mixture of atmospheric soundscapes, crazy rhythms, deep and uplifting chords, and melodies and heavy low end. Tune in to the frequency of L1ght.

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