Dragons a Mythical Reality | The Seraphim & The Cosmic Serpents

Bahamut Final Fantasy X

Dragons Myth & World Culture

The legend of the dragon can be seen all over the world. Ancient cultures saw these mystical beings as primal teachers of humanity and fierce & deadly creatures to be respected. In the east the dragons are wise teachers that help man to become his greatest. The west & European mythology the dragon is a fearsome creature that destroys villages and is to be slain. Dragons have been a creature of symbol, class, and primal beings that existed before man.

Virginia Chandler’s book Year of The Magickal Dragon, there are different archetypes of dragons; Such as Ancestor Dragons who are the oldest and the wisest of the dragons, Battle Dragons who manifest themselves during time of war,Elemental Dragons who possess a potent links to a specific element, Guardian Dragons who are loyal and intrepid guardians for sites of worship & thresholds between worlds,

Primordial Dragons who are created from or because of the continual cycle of chaos and creation, Prime Mover Dragons the dragons that have mastered one or more sacred elements, World Dragons who grasp and hold the tension between all worlds, and Diety Dragons that are gods who can change into the appearance of a dragon.

Lore of The Dragons

The ancient stories of dragons around the world described many things such as creation . The Babylonian story of Tiamat the primordial dragon of Creation and her consort Abzu is about a how Tiamat (The mother of creation) was destroyed by the God Marduk & used her blood and body to create the known universe. This story teaches that chaos is needed for creation to happen. The story of Mehen the cosmic serpent is about how Mehen the protector of Ra would coil around the sun & how he played a very important part in the cycles of the sun and the protection of Ra, the sun God.

In the Canaanite story Baal, the storm god & Yam, the sea serpent went against each other in a battle on the sea. El, the father of creation granted Yam lordship over the other gods and became a tyrannical ruler. Asherah, the mother of the gods offered to be his consort in exchange for peace which gives Baal motivation to vow to destroy the great dragon. Baal receives magical weapons from Khathar wa Khasis and fights Yam in a great battle on the sea. The seraphim in the bible are fiery serpents that appear to the prophets and assist them. Seraph means burning one

Fossils & Ancient Sites

The temples, pyramids, megaliths and ancient structures tell tales of these beings guarding & interacting with some of these sites. Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent would appear upon the temple at Teotihuacan. There are some findings in the areas of archelogy, geology, biology & chemistry that show that all these stories & mythologies could actually be true. Roger of Mud Fossil university shows how biology becomes petrified through something called nucleophilic substitution. Ancient sites around the world are made from petrified biological matter that was carved with ancient technology while still under the process of nucleophilic substitution.

There is a story of a dragon in the middle east named Bahamut a large cosmic beast was recently found in the past few years along with a large fish which is speculated to be the ancient leviathan a weapon used in ancient Atlantis. These two large beast are found right above the eye of the Sahara. The eye of the sahara is believed by some independent archeologist to be the great city Atlantis which housed and had knowledge of such creatures.

We know of dinosaurs the ancient creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago and that they are one of the primordial beings of Earth. Scientists, biologists,& anatomists all agree that we have a reptilian part of our biological system. We also have a spine which is the support for our whole body and i cultures like the vedic teaches that it is a serpent called the goddess Kundalini. Creation stories in the middle east tells of a heroic being destroying a dragon and using its body parts to create more life. We are made from the dust of the earth some ancient text says and in recent finding s the dust of the earth is nothing but petrified reptile flesh along with other strange mysterious beings.

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