Hebrew Letters of Creation: Kaf & Grasping The Divine Spark Within | Wheel of Fortune

Khaf: Grasping The Divine Within

The next letter in the series is the letter Khaf. Its Important to know that the modern day Hebrew script is based off of a much ore older script, the Phoenician or Canaanite Script. Within the study of not just the letter Khaf, but within all the letters I have seen that there are more ancient scripts to be studied. Kaf is the hieroglyph of all containers including the palm of the hand; which is the palm of the letter Yod which is a hieroglyph of a hand.

Yod is the hand of the inner divinity. The 10 digits on the hands represent the 10 sephiroth of the Kabbalah, also Yod has a numerical value of 10. Khaf and Yod represent the palm of the hand that causes creation and motion in the world. Without the hands it would be very difficult to create and cause karma in the world or cause & effect. The mind is all the universe is mental, however the hands help in creating materialization of things in the mental plane. The 10 digits/ fingers have a relation to the planets as well. In astrological magick the planets are used in accordance with the time & day.

Khaf is the 11th letter and has a numerical value of 20. 11 and 20 in gematria equal 2 and the number 2 is a number of duality. We have 2 hands but the aren’t the same but they work as one to create and manifest reality. Yod the 10th letter is a hieroglyph of a hand and Khaf 20 is the palm of the hand which makes the trinity, 10+20 = 30 3+0 = 3. The palm & the fingers work together and make up the hands. The left and right hands can be seen as Jocin & Boaz on the Kabbalah tree of Life, the two pillars of creation.

The Wheel of Fortune Card: Turning the Wheel of Time

Khaf’s card in the tarot is The Wheel of Fortune card. The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card in the tarot and has the imagery of a man, bull, lion, 7 an eagle. these four creatures are represented by the Zodiac signs Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo. In the center of the Wheel of Fortune is a wheel with the letters TARO and the letters of the tetragrammaton. The letters TARO is code for torah & tarot.

The Tarot is a symbolized version of the torah a.k.a the hero’s journey. The divine hands turn the Wheel of time which is astrology. Astrology is based on time and with our hands we turn the wheel of time. Astrology the clock of our reality can be used in many different ways such as the natal chart, the positioning of the planets, and the zodiac signs (the literal signs of the times) and as I said before astrological magick.

In the book Kabbalistic Tarot by David Kraftchow he says, ” The World is signified by a naked woman. Its mate, the Wheel of Fortune, is an orb with an armed lion at the top and the Opposer and the snake at the bottom. Upon the disk the four letters of the Name of the Creator, YHWH. The culminating voice of all the cards, they have the double meaning of both “earth” and “woman”, synonymous with the Goddess energy known as Shekinah.” So the wheel of fortune represents the cycles of time and creation. We as alchemist can consciously use our divine hands to turn the wheel of time and time travel through the spheres of creation guided by the mother Shekinah and the Daughter Sophia.

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