Hebrew Language of Creation | Hebrew Letter Beit and The Inner Temple of Elohim | Spiritual Vessel



Beith represents the beginning of duality, with the One Creator bringing forth a created world, so that there can be both a giver (the Creator) and a receiver (the created world) for the Creator to bestow upon. This creates a dramatic leap from Absolute Oneness to nkSj7481415the ability for there to be two. It also creates the possibility for all duality and opposites – yes and no, hot and cold, man and woman, up and down, etc. Beith’s literal meaning and form denote a house, and it represents the universal concept of a container or vessel. Thus the created world is meant to house within it the spiritual. The physical world is meant to be a place for the Creator’s glory to manifest.


The Magician Card

The Magician stands under a lush canopy, behind a table bearing the four elements. The cabalistic meanings embedded in this card are numerous. The canopy symbolizes the ability to bring the spiritual down to the physical. RWS_Tarot_01_MagicianThis idea of connecting heaven and earth is further expanded by the scepter pointing up in The Magician’s right hand while the finger of the left-hand points down. The four elements spread on the table before he signifies that The Magician mixes elements according to the wisdom of the heart to produce the miraculous. Because everything is revealed, this is a male card.


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