Hebrew Language of Creation: Zayin The Sword of Truth & The Cosmic Number 7 | The Lovers Card


The Hebrew Letter Zayin

Zayin is the 7th number in the Hebrew Aleph Beit & represents the sword of truth. The 7 is seen all over this physical universe. In the Sefer Yetzirah the numbers 3,7,12 are numbers of creation of the physical world. There are 7 planets, metals, days in a week, colors, and in some mythologies in spiritual systems they are 7 deities.


It includes the six days and six directions of physical reality, but also stands as a unique 7th principle or energy, the spirit which activates the physical. The Zayin is the source of all movement. It is an impregnating principle, which activates the creation. Shaped like a sword, the Zayin represents all movement. It represents the struggle between opposites & the struggle for existence.

The Lovers Card

The Lovers Card is the 6th card in the Major Arcana in The Tarot. On the Lovers Card an angel comes from heaven over a naked man and woman who represent the divine masculine & divine feminine. There are two trees in the landscape they stand upon which is the garden of Eden.


The tree behind the Divine Feminine is the tree of Knowledge and Behind the Masculine The Tree of Life. The Lovers card is a symbol of the highest transformation in the cosmos which is the alchemical process of merging the divine feminine with the masculine. Above the two there is an archangel, but if you look closely it is the two fused together into one omnipresent being transcending space and time.

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